Monday, June 30, 2008


No, not the sound of me crashing & burning after a long day of fun and play - though I shall certainly do that soon! And it's not even the sound of me running into something. It seems that my laptop has crashed... Rats on a stick!

So here I am out in the garage on my hubby's computer, typing away as quickly as possible. There's a lot I hope to accomplish in not a whole lot of time. I hope... Oh, how the Internet-world can suck me in!

Well, hopefully I'll find out how bad the damage is after Phil the computer expert gets back into town on Wednesday. Is it selfish/ridiculous to pray for the computer to be halfways OK? Yeah, thought so...

How about this: I pray that everything works out just the way God wants it to. Yeah. That's a good prayer :o)

Much love to you all and God Bless!

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dani said...

good luck on your computer, a!!! all things are worthy of prayer... so pray away:)