Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Livia's Day with her Great-Gramma Pat

Early last week, Livia and I took a trip out to Haubstadt to visit her Great-Gramma Pat - sadly, I'm just now getting around to writing about and putting up all the fun pictures from that day... Oh well, better late than never, right?

We all had lunch together, then it came as no surprise that Livia wanted to go outside.

Livia had so much fun running around outside. She stopped to pick several clover flowers and give them to Gramma Pat.

And she really enjoyed the huge trees and all the birds chirping within them. Once in a while, she'd get a glimpse of a bird flying to or away from our general area. She followed them with her eyes and her little pointer finger, and you could almost hear her thinking, "Look! There it goes!"

Livia showing her pensive side... I don't know what she was looking at or thinking about, but I got lost in her beautiful blue eyes while taking some of these pictures!

After Livia began to slow down from her outdoor explorations, Gramma got out a few toys she just happened to have around for times like these...

~ Livia and Gramma ~

Livia just loved the little jeep, even though it was much too big for her. Luckily it was just looks as the battery was dead. That's good, because my curious little daughter is sometimes too smart for her own good and definitely found where the gas petal was!

Livia had loads of fun just climbing around and getting to know this new toy.

She discovered that the 'radio' did have batteries and easily figured out how to make it play over and over.

She finally went on to something else and found...

A baby doll! I guess all little girls like dolls, huh?

Livie even found some toys she had never really played with before. Who cares if they're supposed to be boys toys, right kiddo?

Then we finally went back inside to cool off. But Livia made sure we went out a couple more times before it was time to go. Even though it was quite warm, it was so awesome.

**Going of on a tangent... Here in southern Indiana, the season of spring seems to have been nearly skipped! The weather went from ice cold to humid and hot in a matter of weeks. Technically it is still spring here, but you sure wouldn't know it just by stepping outside.**

Anyway, finally before it was time to go, I managed to get one pretty good picture of Liv and my Gramma.
A shot of Livie and Gramma before we took out back towards home.

I know I need to make more time for visits like these for Livia - and for myself! It was so neat seeing Livia playing with my Grandma Pat just as I did years ago. I thank God for special days such as these, and pray for more to come!


Kendra said...

Livie is wearing the dress I got her! So cute. :)

Maggie has that same barbie jeep at my moms house. The kids love it.

Tabitha said...

I love the photos ~ she is just so cute. Looks like she had a really fun time.
love and hugs Tabitha XXX