Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Little Fish

Livia has had so many firsts lately, and this past weekend was no exception!

I'm so lucky to have parents who have an above-ground pool. It didn't really get used a whole lot over the last few years, but I have a feeling that this year it certainly will!

Sunday Livia had her first experience in a pool... And before I go any further, I must be sure to thank our friend Jessi Marvel! She and Laura Belle are great friends, and Jessi & her husband came out for some fun after church on Sunday. Jessi is an amazing photographer & videographer, and she was sweet enough to take all these wonderful pictures for me!

We wondered what Livia would think of it (you know - some kiddos aren't too keen on all that water) but she could barely wait to get in!

As you can see, Liv liked it from the get go. And me right in there with her - yes, there is a swim suit under the shirt! But it's the only swimming suit that fits right now and it's a bit PG-13. I'm trying to keep things rated G (online and out there), so hence the t-shirt cover-up.

Livia splashed and squealed in her new water-world.

My daughter seems to think she's a fish! She wasn't at all afraid of putting her head under water. Though she did get a little choked up a couple of times when she tried to 'eat' the water.

She loved it when I jumped up & down with her - I think it was the big splashes that made her laugh.

I just love the look of sheer joy on her face.

She even let me lay her on her back. Though I'd never actually let her go, I'm totally convinced that she could have floated in this position.

My Mom held her on the edge of the pool when some of the big kids got a little rowdy - she thought they were hilarious!

But then I took her back in and we had some big fun!

I took Livia under the water with me for just a split-second...And she loved it!

She got so excited and started bouncing like she wanted to do it again.

So we did!

And all smiles once again. Yeah, I think I have a little water baby!

Something else that just tickled Livia was when I tossed her up in the air...
Oh it was so much fun!

(**Note - I'm sure that some of you noticed the 'GUARD' on the back of my shirt, and yes I really was a lifeguard for 3 years. If anyone's ever heard of Holiday World, that's where I saved lives - or at least got a pretty good tan those years!**)

After a while, Livia started getting really tired. All that swimming takes so much energy!

Before she got too sleepy, I managed to get one of Jessi playing with Liv....

And one of Livie's Auntie Laura Belle
Oh, yeah! And one of Laura and Livie.

And my Dad got in on the fun too - pretty rare for him to be having fun, as he's usually working in the summer sun.

Livia loved all the attention and people in the pool.

It's so crazy to think that just a year ago, Livia was a teeny little baby. I loved her just as much then as now, and we certainly had fun back in those days as well... But it sure is awesome to be able to get her out in the sun - with sunscreen, of coarse.

I think she has her Daddy's skin tone (she seems to tan pretty easily) but that doesn't mean she doesn't need protection from the sun. I even use the baby sunscreen on myself - 50spf baby! And with all the damage I did to my skin during my years of life guarding and (*gasp!*) fakin' bakin', I want to do all I can now to protect and prevent against further damage.

Anyway, sorry about the lecture there! I'm sure I'll be posting more about our outdoor adventures soon. Maybe even a few more from this day - Laura & her friends were a hoot in the pool!

Oh, it sure looks like we'll be having a great time this summer!


mah-meeee said...

too cute! i love the one of you tossing her up in the air.

she looked like she had tons of fun in the sun& water.

happy friday!

Tabitha said...

I am soooo jealous of that pool ~ it looks fantastic. The look on Olivias face is priceless ~ she definitly is a water baby ~ no doubt about it!!
I really love all your photos ~ especially the one of Olivia sitting on the side of the pool ~ she is so cute.
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XXX

Nan said...

These a adorable pictures, I love the look on her face and there is one of the pictures that shows her favoring you so much when you both are facing the camera and grinning!
It makes me miss our pool so much
:( for the chance to have my Olivia and Mitch swim with me.