Friday, March 19, 2010

Squirrel Encounter #2

[see squirrel encounter #1 first]

Just a few days ago, we had to stop at that same rest stop, and sure enough -- we had another squirrel come up to us! Livia had some fries left over from her lunch.

She was EXTRA good this particular day, and was treated with McDonalds. She actually fell asleep with a little nugget in her hand!

Anyway, Liv decided that the squirrel would definitely like the fries:

And sure enough, he did!

Unfortunately, he decided to take his food to go (right under our car). Liv had a really hard time seeing him...
Until she bent down to his level -- my smart kiddo!

Now Liv reminds me daily of how we met the squirrel, and how he liked the fries, but how we never pet them (we had to go over that several times... she just kept wanting to try to pet him!)

I wonder if we'll get a 3rd visit with a friendly squirrel on one of our trips!

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