Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jumping in the Mall (2)

My husband was so excited to see the cell phone pics & video of Liv jumping on the trampoline/trapeze thing at the mall, that we decided to take here there once again so the both of us could enjoy her jumping show.

This time we came equipped with a good camera & camcorder. I hoped to be able to get one of the good videos up, but unfortunately it's just too large to upload directly onto the blog. I'm not giving up entirely; I have an idea of what to do, but it may take a little more time than I'm willing to devote right at this time.

So, after Liv figured out what she was going to get to do again, she was SO excited! And once again, she amazed the people working there. Livia isn't the least bit shy or timid when it comes to jumping!

She went right up to the girl working there for help getting onto the contraption:

Liv was strapped in:

And up she went!


And yet again, Liv gathered a small crowd of people just amazed that such a little person was jumping that high. The girl working there definitely took a liking to our daughter -- she even gave a bit of extra fun for Liv:

She would grab a hold of Livia on her way down, pull her legs down as far as she could, & let go.

I don't think that Livia actually got any higher than she was with just jumping, but it sure made her giggle like crazy! She absolutely loved it!

Right after, we got Liv & ourselves a little snack from the mall's food area. Livia wanted a hot dog -- which she ate almost every bite of! And Perry and I shared some Japanese food. We had never eaten 'fast-Jap' before, and didn't know what to expect; it was great! For such yummy fast food at a very decent price, we were really quite impressed.

Then we made one quick pit-stop by the Children's Place to get Livia some much needed sun glasses. She was so excited to try them -- even though it was dark outside by the time we were all said & done. I told her that we'd better not wear them right now, or we wouldn't be able to see anything. Thankfully, she was just fine with that as long as we let her hold on to the bag. Which she happily did the whole way home!

Our happy camper just getting into her car seat

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Amanda said...

I can't believe how high she is jumping! Looks like so much fun!!