Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Livia's Lake-side Hobby

My hubby's company had up put up in a Corporate apartment for a bit in St. Louis. While there, Liv found that the complex had a very pretty lake... With ducks & geese! My child just loves animals, and after seeing another person feeding these creatures, it came as absolutely no surprise to me that she wanted to as well.

This was her very 1st time feeding the ducks & geese:
Getting ready to throw her 1st piece of bread
A very friendly goose came right up to her
And Liv rewarded it with a piece right from her hand!

It was freezing cold...
But Livia couldn't have cared less!


Here she is feeding them another day:


And yet another day
(please excuse the crummy camera-phone quality of the pics)

Though I'm sure she'll miss those ducks & geese, there are TONS of parks in and around St. Peters (just west of St. Louis where we've found a place). As if we needed another excuse to go to the park  


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