Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just TRY It

A couple of weeks ago out at my parents, Liv's cousin came over for a visit. While there, the girls had some dinner; one just ate a little more variety than the other... Liv loves to try new foods, and she thinks that everyone needs to try new foods as well. It's obvious that not everyone feels that way. Case in point:

Liv was trying to get her cousin to try a green bean in these pictures. I wish I would have video-taped it though! The whole time Livia was saying, "C'mon Meggie! Try it! You liiiike it...! Just try it Meggie!"

Liv even tried hand-feeding the green bean to Meg, but to no avail. Megan wasn't having any of it! Livia finally gave up, shaking her little head & saying "She just didn't wanna try it!"

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