Friday, March 19, 2010

Downtown Evansville Fun

Earlier this month, my Mom & I took Liv to the park and river downtown. Liv just LOVED the swing! That little girl could swing for hours upon hours...

She took little interest in the other areas of the park. My Mom says that was exactly how I was as a little girl... That I just loved the outdoors & that I could swing for hours on end. I know I loved the country, but that's where I grew up. I think Liv loves the country even more than I did!

Liv also loves water. And seeing as the park is just a short walk to the downtown Evansville riverfront, we were able to easily convince Liv to go for a walk. Below are some of the lovely photos I shot of her while on our walk:

Here, she was telling Nana how old she was going to be,
"I'm bunna be free [3] here pretty soon! My birfday's April twunny-furst!"

Doesn't she just look so cute?!

My Mom even thought to get a couple of me & Liv:

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my little girl?

When my husband and I were dating (and even sometimes now), he would tell me how much he loves me. Like, "I love you more than all the home-made pizzas I ever have or ever will make!" So, how much do I love Liv?

I love her more than all the Four-Leaf Clovers I ever have or ever will find!

Which is a LOT  :o)

Oh, and I love my husband more than all the times I've ever squinted in the sun! (Couldn't leave you out of this one, Perry!)

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