Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Simple Satisfactions

Over at Rocks in My Dryer - one of my favorite faithful reads - she has a wonderful, thought-provoking post: Some Simple Things I Find Very Satisfying. She has a sweet little list of things she loves, and then she simply said: What about you?

Well, this is my little poetic list of some of my favorite things. I should note that I didn't include ALL my favorite things - for one, people may not particularly care to know everything that I love - there are probably too many to even mention! Oh yeah - and I ran out of creativity and rhyming... And before I forget, What about all of you as well? I'd love to know more about you and your favorite simplicities in life :o)

My Simple Satisfactions

Family time and prayer together
Keeping close with friends forever

Photographs and memories
Livia - my lil sweet pea

Hot chocolate when the weather's cool
And summertimes spent by the pool

My Momma's favorite Yankee candles
A walk upon the beach in sandals

Pictures hung upon the walls
Unexpected fun phone calls

The freshness after summer rains
Secluded, shady one-car lanes

Homemade ice cream, sweet iced tea
Vacations spent out by the sea

Grins & giggles, baby's chatter
Fresh baked cakes and cookie batter

Hugs and cuddles, lots of love
Having strength through God above

My parents' garden and their flowers
Spending time with them for hours

Sports and chocolate, classic rock
Collectables, grandfather clocks

Cows and kittens, farmyard fun
Outside in the summer sun

Stories passed down through the years
Smiles and laughter, joy and tears

Photography and editing pics -
My favorite ways to my kicks!


Valarie said...

I love this, that is so good!! You really did a good job with this. ;)

dani said...

like you, amanda, i love so many things God has blessed me with in this life... one of which is you!!! i feel so fortunate to have happened onto your sweet soul.
when i come over and visit your blog, i always leave with a smile on my face and a happy feeling inside my heart. thank you:D
dani xx

mah-meeee said...

just beautiful!

E and T said...

Amanda, you are one clever girl. This poem is very special as you have so creatively included what makes you happy. What a treasure for Livia to read and talk about with you when she's older.

I loved it.

Love and hugs

Kindra said...

I love all your Simple Satisfactions!! It's the simple things in life that give make us happy. Great post!

Tabitha said...

What a great poem ~ I loved it.
That is such a sweet idea.
love and hugs,
Tabitha XX

Kendra said...

How clever are you?
I love it. K~