Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Child's Eyes

There have many times in recent days that I've caught glimpses of my little girl growing right before my eyes. I see her growing not just in inches and pounds, but in the way she looks at the world around her.

Livia loves the outdoors. I truly believe that if it were up to her, she would spend every second - from her waking moment, to well past bedtime - in the outdoors. It's outside that Livia explores and learns about the world around her. No longer simply a change of scenery, the wide-open outside world is Liv's learning playground.

Going outside used to only mean that Mommy's on a picture-taking rampage again. Livia is such a sweetheart in obliging me almost every time with wonderful snapshots, though lately they've been much more on-the-move!

Now, Livia even has a special way to tell me that she's ready to go outside. She'll reach her little arms up towards Heaven (ok, really it's just me... but my hubby says that seeing her from the side looks like she's really reaching for Heaven) and once I pick her up, she'll twist my shoulder and push my front towards the door... I know that means, "Let's go outside Ma!" I usually do so pretty much right away. She's been known to throw tantrums if she doesn't get her way quickly enough!

I guess I can't blame her - the weather isn't exactly 100% perfect year-round here. We're now at that wonderful, special, dare I say magical time of year that the weather is just perfect for a little girl to be out of the house.

The first thing that happens once we are finally outside is that Livia does this little happy dance/run and chatter in a sing-song way. She shows me just how excited she is to be free and in this huge, wonderful so-much-to-see-and-learn space.

I see the way she looks at the birds as they sing & chirp, and she watches them as they soar & fly. There's a robin that seems to really like our poor little Dogwood tree (on it's very last leg, unfortunately) or maybe it's just Livia he loves so much. Livie and the robin watch each other, and I can't help but think how wonderful it is as they sing and play in the wide open space.

Livia knows that the flowers on the plants aren't just for looks and picking, but that the flowers are actually a part of the plant... and even though she really wants to know what it tastes like, Liv knows that they don't belong in her mouth.

We used to say "Don't eat that!" all the time to Livia. Rarely if ever any more, though. She knows that there are certain things that just aren't supposed to go in her mouth. If she could form sentences, I wonder if she'd say, "That's ok. They probably won't taste very good anyway."

When Livia sees cars going by, she knows there are people in them. She usually waves at every one, and doesn't at all get discouraged when not a soul waves back. It's like she's saying, "That's ok. I just wanna say hi to you, and perhaps spread a little happiness too!" Maybe my daughter's on a single-handed mission to bring small-town friendliness everywhere.

Finally, Livia just loves going on walks. Whether it's just down the block, all around town, or out in the country til the sun goes down - that little girl just loves to see what else is around. She loves being out and about. I like to think it's God's way of keeping us close. Seeing His glory out there and in my daughter makes it impossible not to be reminded that God holds a big place in my heart and home.

Livia amazes me with how she has SO much fun with the simplest things outside. Perhaps our ideas of fun change drastically throughout the years, but it's oh-so-wonderful to have a little daughter and look through her eyes... And see things in a completely new light.

Thank you so much, Dear God, for choosing us to be so very blessed with such a wonderful little girl. Every day is even more of a gift than the last, and just when I don't think life can get any better, Livia does something like give a cuddle or a kiss, or learn a new word or action. They are all such special amazing gifts. And Livia is always a gift! Thank you for this gorgeous gift of a little girl. By blessing us with such a wonderful present, we will always know of your presence. All my Love...


dani said...

livia's photos are so sweet; and i'm quite sure that when she holds her arms up to you to go outside she sees heaven in you:)

Tabitha said...

Beautiful photos ~ I just love Livias dresses and hairbands ~ they are so gorgeous!!
love and hugs Tabitha XXX

Katherine@Raising Five said...

These are beautiful. I don't know why you needed to take her anywhere for her one-year photos - these absolutely "capture" her.

So nice to meet you here. Your prayer shows your heart - you are a wonderful mother!


E and T said...

Hi Amanda

Aint life grand when you're outdoors with your baby girl. It truly is a beautiful sight to watch how awe struck and excited they get when they see a snail, a bird flying by, or a flower peeping out of a bush. What a gift it is for us as Mums to see the world through our girl's eyes.

I loved reading through this post and seeing the gorgeous photos of adorable Livia. I could totally relate to your thoughts and feelings

Love and hugs

Kindra said...

Your pictures of your little girl are just gorgeous!! I love her little dresses and bows!

I haven't been over here in a few days. I have some catching up to do! Glad to see you're back to blogging!

mah-meeee said...

beautiful pictures of livia!

love those headbands on her! she looks so darling!

Nan said...

Again, great pics. You have a natural eye and ability to capture some great memories on that camera of yours. You need to go into business with that Aunt of yours!

Egghead said...

These photos of Livia are so stinking cute. She is a doll and you seemed to have captured all the magic of the day.