Friday, May 9, 2008

How Livia Helps Outside

Since Livia is getting SO big now, she likes to help us when we're outside - even at Grandma & Grandpa's.
First she climbs up the steps to see what's going on in the garden...

Then she helps gather up all the empty flower crates, before it's time for a little break - it's hard work gardening isn't it Liv!

Livia loves all the flowers, animals, and trees!

We always make sure that Liv doesn't get too cold outside. With our crazy Indiana weather, be prepared to change from winter clothing, to spring or summer clothing, and back to winter clothing all in one day!

All these pictures were taken on the same day, but it really cooled down in just a couple of hours time. So I got some warmer clothes on her so she could continue her play and exploring outside. I found out that Livia also likes to help with the landscaping:
"I think this rock would look better over there!"

"Oh, it's SO heavy though!"

She's so strong, she actually picked it up! I didn't want her to hurt herself though, so I gave her some smaller stones to play with - until she tried to eat them. So ended our outdoor adventure on this particular day!

*One of Livia's fairly new things is saying "Na-na" when she sees my Mom - I think it's her way of saying Grandma. It's beyond precious!


dani said...

livia is beyond precious. her gardening story is just too darling. with all that hard work, i bet she sleeps tight with lots and lots of sweet dreams;)
i wish you and 'na-na' a very happy mothers' day weekend!!!
love and hugs,

E and T said...

Hi Amanda

Firstly, I want to wish you my friend a very Happy Mother's day. I hope your Sunday is a truly memorable and special day.

Livia is quite the gardner and landscaper. She is absolutely gorgeous and how clever that she is saying Na-na. Your mum must be tickled pink and I bet you're as proud as punch!

Lots of love and hugs

Valarie said...

Such a little helper. I just love here little keds. I used to put those on my girls.

Tabitha said...

She is just gorgeous and such a good little helper, I love the photos of Livia moving the stones, her face is so determined!!
love and hugs
Tabitha X