Friday, May 9, 2008

Flashback Friday Featuring Awesome Outings

As a new Mom last year, I had NO idea how many awesome firsts that my daughter would experience. A lot of my favorite memories of 'firsts' were some of our Awesome Outings.

Our very first family outing after we got her home from the hospital was to church.

Perry with me holding Liv

We still go to church nearly every Sunday - I just love our church! I've gone there literally since I was born.

The next awesome event Livia went to was our family reunion. Pre-motherhood, I wouldn't touch these things with a 10-foot pole... but with a brand new baby in tow to show off and be adored by all, who could resist! Plus since the reunion was right across the border in Henderson KY, I got to say that Livia had officially been out of the state.

Livia was right at one month old in these pictures:
^-- Livia with some of our distant cousins --v

Livia couldn't be the star of the whole show though - we do have triplet cousins! (The Dairy Wife's kiddos) They were so stinkin cute. My favorite memory of them of the day was Sam calling to my Mom, "JANET... JANET... JANET!" It was so cute to hear this little voice sounding so grown up :o)

Another outing we took Livie to fairly early in her young life was a bridal shower for the Dairy Wife's son & his soon to be wife.
Here's one of the few pictures we got of her that day with my Aunt Bonnie. She was a complete angel.
Since Liv was more interested in sleeping though, I also captured some of the other action going on around the room...
Laura Belle and Meg comparing their finger nails - see how good Megan is being? On the other hand...
Jay was having an absolute meltdown!

Not too hard to tell who had more fun this day, huh?

And just a few short weeks after the shower, was the wedding! Weddings were definitely one of our favorite kinds of outings. We went to at least 4 within Liv's first year of life.
Livie at 2 months old being held by Mr. Michael

Another bridal shower outing for my sister's best friend Kayla:
Livia and her Auntie Laura Belle

And again, just a few weeks later was Kayla's wedding. Livia was right at 5 months in these photos - I think this is when she really started getting SUPER FUN to take places because she'd grin and giggle and make little baby sounds for everyone. Such fun times!
Liv & Laura Belle. Laura was one of Kayla's bridesmaids
And one of me and Livie as well

Finally one of the absolute best things about being a new Mom last year was going on our 'Awesome Adventures' - more than just outings, these adventures gave Livia more freedom and fun! One adventure I particularly loved was Livia's very first time to the zoo:
Just outside the zoo getting ready for our fun day
We did get several pictures of the animals as well, but obviously the most important pictures to me are the ones of me & Liv just outside the entrance. (With hubby behind the camera)

This was SUCH a perfect thing to do as a new parent - the zoo is so big that it's very rarely ever crowded, and there are plenty of shady areas and even buildings to duck in to if the weather gets too warm (or if we get a surprise rain shower).

I was prompted to do this post in part to the idea I saw over at Metropolitan Mama (one of my faithful reads). She asked the question, "What baby-friendly outings worked for you during your rookie year as a mom?" There were a few more that I didn't put in here, but I gotta save some for another Flashback Friday!

This particular post serves a dual purpose: There's a contest over at Parent Bloggers, put on in part by Rookie Moms to submit your favorite idea(s) of where to go & what to do during your first year as a mother. Just one of the awesome prizes they're offering is The Rookie Mom’s Handbook - something I kinda wish I would have had!

So, what were some of your favorite outings or things to do as a new parent? Though Livia's already one - a toddler really! - I still consider myself a 'new' Mom. Of coarse when I compare myself to my own Mother, that will always be the case I suppose... Isn't it wonderful that there were those who came before us and teach us so much about motherhood? Much love to you all on this quickly upcoming Mothers Day! Take care and God Bless

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RookieMom Heather said...

Happy Mother's Day and thanks for sharing your adventures. Weddings are definitely a big one! And four... I'm impressed.