Saturday, May 24, 2008

Livie's 1st Breakfast Out

Don't you just love it when you get wonderful, unexpected surprises? I certainly do, and that's just what I got on this particular morning.

Perry always gets up very early and the first thing he does is go to his 'office' and brew up some coffee. Usually on Saturdays, he'll then fix up various things or tackle projects around the house or garage... But on this day, Perry came back in the house pretty early with a big grin on his face.

"Wanna go out for breakfast?" he said. I think I just squealed at that point! I've been waiting for him to take us out for breakfast for such a long time, and the day had finally come.

I got ready in no-time flat, and we were on our way to Bob Evans. We had a wonderful, relaxing breakfast with our little Livie. She was an angel, as she usually is when eating out.

I did have the presence of mind to grab just a couple of quick pics with the camera on my phone as we were loading up to go home - I just had to have a memory to keep of one of Liv's 1st's :o)

Perry strapping Livie in her seat

And the bright morning sun shining on my little sunshine

Through by this time, she was ready for a little nap!

OK, so the shots I got weren't that great, but the memory sure is! Much love to you all and God Bless!

** NOTE: Entry post-dated, but I just wanted to be sure I did document this special day. My apologies!***


Tabitha said...

How lovely it is that you have a memory of all Livias 'first' on your blog. She will have so much fun looking back over all this when she is older.
So glad you enjoyed your little family braekfast together!!
love and hugs ~ Tabitha XX

Valarie said...

Oh she is just so cute :)

E and T said...

Hi there Amanda

Brekkie out is a special treat. Before having Sav we would often go out for breakfast, but now it is something we rarely do and it makes it that much more special and enjoyable.

Livie is so lucky that you are documenting all of her firsts. Together, you will look back on these moments and be able to tell her little stories about the experiences documented. She will know and feel just how amazing you and Perry thinks she is.

Love and hugs