Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Heart Cries for you Baby-Boo!

As a mother, I hate to see a child cry - especially when it's my own! I wish my sweet little Livia would never have to shed a tear. But as we all know, as sweet as babies are, they are bound to cry once in a while. I guess my thought process is that even though I may not care a whole lot for the sweet little baby-sobs, someday I might actually miss them! And she was so darned cute even crying...well, I just had to snap a few. Someday I have a feeling that I'll be glad to have these pictures.
On this particular night she was really only upset because she needed sleep. Please don't think I'm a bad mother for taking pictures of my crying baby instead of soothing her!

Here, she's just starting to get a little frustrated...

Then that lower lip curled up, and I knew it was starting to get serious!

When I saw her starting to get tears in her eyes, that was about all I could take!

And not even a minute later - would you look at that. Happy as a clam! (Maybe because she got ahold of Mommy's camera strap?)

Ooh..! The remote! She loves anything electronic, as most babies do. Breakable big-kid toys are always much more fun than those the ones made for babies, right?

I can almost see it on her face - "What, Mom?"

And I can also see how sleepy she was getting...

After rubbing her eyes for a few minutes, Mommy changed her diaper (and her sleeper) worked her magic and...

In no-time flat I had a sweet sleepin baby in my arms. So, off to bed!

And just one more shot of this sweet child of mine.

As I lay her down to sleep
I pray the Lord her soul to keep.
Even when I'm not right there
I pray You keep her in Your care.
May Your arms please hold her tight
Each and every day and night.
And if someday I'm not around
Please, Lord keep her safe and sound.

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