Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas pics of my neice & nephews

I went over to my sis-in-law's a week or 2 ago...don't even remember when now! And we had the specific goal of getting a Christmas picture of all three kids. It was a bit of a challenge...! After much scrutinizing over what I had to work with and some editing magic with photoshop, I actually ended up with 3 pretty darn good pictures. And heeeeeere they are...!

This was definately the easiest to take, and there were several good pics to choose from in that set. I really thought this one was the best. And all we did was tell the kids to "hang up their stockings."

The other 2 "good ones" of all three kiddos I ended with took quite a bit more work...

This one is actually 4 pictures combined! Seriously - Nolan's face is from one pic, maggie's dress is from another, which just happpens to be from the same picture that Garrett's from, and the 'ball' (actually an ornament) he has in his hands is from another shot. How crazy is that?! I just couldn't help but laugh when I realized what I'd actually just started off with 2, but then I kept seeing ways to improve the picture.

And finally this one is just 3 pictures combined...threre's only one little place where I can see that I didn't combine it quite perfectly - see if you can spot the place where I didn't get it perfect :o)
Maybe someday I'll show on here how I can take several pictures & make them into one. Boy, that might take a while! Just to explain it would be quite a bit of who really cares how it's done, right? Oh, the magic of photoshop!

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