Sunday, December 30, 2007

Finally - Christmas Pics!

I forced myself to get all my housework done today before I started putting fun stuff on here...I tend to spend a lot of time on pictures once I get going, and I wanted to make sure the 'important' stuff got done 1st. Well, it's all done! So now for some Christmas Memories...

All these are from Christmas with my parents out at their house...

Livia seemed to like the tissue paper more than anything else - we had a hard time keeping it out of her mouth!

I just LOVE this pic of Perry. Even though he was really just being silly, it's just a great snapshot of him. I almost never get this 'real' look from him, but I'm super glad I was lucky enough to here.

Michael wearing his new jersey - he put it on almost immediately after he opened it.

Perry & Livia opening presents together

Livia in front of the Christmas tree - how cute is she holding her little hands?! And she cracks me up with that tongue!

Laura Belle & a new sweater she got for Christmas - it looks so cute on her! She ended up wearing it the next day for her 21st birthday. Yes, her b-day is the day after Christmas!

And finally, a pic of Livia with her very 1st baby doll from my Mom & Dad. It was so cool to see her reaction to it!

And of course Christmas with Perry's family...well, minus his parents. They had to move boxes on that particular day. Since Trilby's a teacher, they only have a couple of weeks that she's off work to move into their 'rent-house.' Perry & I had a BLAST with Matt & Kendra and the kids though!

Here's a pic of the whole fam! Kendra's mom came over & she was sweet enough to take this for us - I just love it!

Matt, KeeKee, Garrett, Maggie, & Nolan all happened to be gathered together so I snapped this pic of them.

Everyone's getting started on opening presents. I got this pic while Matt & Perry were joking around, and their expressions are just great.

Speaking of expressions, I just love Maggie's in this picture! She was so excited about her strawberry shortcake blanket.

Mr. Garrett had an awesome reaction to his ball & bat - as he says, BALL!!!

Nolan opening his light saber sword...I had no clue what that was, but Perry picked it out. He was positive Nolan would love it, and he sure did. If only I knew what in the world it is!

A pic of me & Livie - is this not the cutest little outfit?! My Mom & Dad got it for her, and I've had her in it every chance I get. It's just too cute, and I know she won't fit into it much longer.

And a pic of just Matt & Kendra. She wasn't really expecting this shot, but I love it becuase they both look so natural. They are such a beautiful couple :-)

And finally, one more of my Santa Baby with her '1st Christmas' bib on!

I absolutely LOVE this pic :-)

Anyway, I have SO many more pictures to put up here, but I wanted to at least get a few up. There will be many more to come...some that I've already taken, some yet to be taken! My Aunt Tanya inspired me to take some really close-up shots of 'Christmas details.' All the small things about the season that may be overlooked or forgotten. We work so hard on wrapping presents with perfect tags & bows, and we put up decorations - we make sure everything is just-so, and what do we have to show for it? This year, some pics with a really neat perspective.
Christmas with my Mom's side of the family is tomorrow, and I'm sure I'll get TONS of pics with it! The triplets will be there, and they always make for a fun time and for some fun pics. Plus they LOVE Livie, and she loves them! Ooh, I can't wait!!! Love to all & God Bless!!

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The Dairy Wife said...

Love the pictures. Isn't Christmas wonderful? I could do it everyday!

Liv is getting so big, I love the expression on her face with her first doll. Sooo serious.