Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving Day FUN!

So, Little Livia got to experience her very 1st Thanksgiving!! It was quite a day - busily getting ready, going here & there, and eating everywhere in between! Livia tried sweet potatoes (not the baby food kind) for the 1st time. With marshmellows on top, we wondered if she'd still like the baby food version! Unfortunately, I only got a couple of pictures of Livia while we were with my side of the family; at least I got tons over at Perry's parents!
There were 16 people in that house at one time - wow! 6 were actually in all the way from Mississippi. Perry's Uncle Danny & Aunt Beverly - he calls her Aunt bay :-) Also, Perry's cousin Brian & his whole family! Brian's wife, Holly, and their 2 kids - Braxton & Taylor. Brian is Danny & Beverly's son. It was So awesome that they were all there! Matt & Kendra, Nolan, Maggie, & Garrett were all there too, and I couldn't help but notice that almost everyone had a "friend" to hang out with. Nolan & Braxton totally hit it off, Taylor & Maggie acted like best friends, and even Garrett & Livia had some cute moments where they just gazed each other. Kendra & I wondered what they were thinking about...any ideas? :-)
Ok, enough jibber-jabbering - how bout some pics? :-)

One of the only pics of Livie at my Aunt Dana's - I'll get more next time!

Livia & her Great Aunt 'Bay'

Matt & Garrett playing "BALL!"

Braxton, Nolan, Taylor, Maggie, & Garrett all having tons of fun in the play room

Garrett, Aunt Bay, and Taylor (Oh, yeah, Beverly is also Taylor's grandma!)

A really cute pic of Taylor just chillin'

Me feeding Livia her little Thanksgiving Feast

Perry, Livie, & Maggie - Livia likes Maggie's baby doll! Someday soon little girl :-)

Garrett, Taylor, Maggie, Livia, & Perry

Livia & her Auntie KeeKee - how cute!

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