Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Quarter Century on this Earth

Normally I would say that it's hard to believe that I am now 25... On days like today though, I feel even older! This has definately been a very long, interesting day. I awoke this morning to the sounds of my little daughter begining to cry - she doesn't usually cry at first, but this morning she was wheezing pretty badly. (She's had a little cold over the last several days) Being the new mother & worry-wart that I am, I immediately picked her up out of her crib & called her Dr's office. They could actually hear her over the phone, and they asked if I could be there at 9:15 (which was only a half-hour from the time I called). And because I just got a flat tire Sunday, my hubby was going to have to take me & Livia there...long story. To make it short, it just took some planning & we were on the way. Livia was seen pretty quickly & they looked her over, took her temp, listened to her chest; by then she had already cleared up quite a bit. They gave her a breathing treatment & said that if she didn't get better before eaerly next week, or if she got worse, then to come back in.
It was totally worth the $20 co-pay just to make sure nothing was seriously wrong with her. Plus everyone at her Dr's office LOVES her! She's known as the Pumpkin Baby...you can see why! I took a ton of her in her little Halloween costume and this is one of the best pics.

Anyway, after we left the office I had my little baby front-pack carrier with me, so I put Livia in it & walked over to the BMV - literally only a block away and the weather was wonderful to be outside. I went to the BMV to renew my license...unfortunately they didn't have my correct social security info. I was told to go to the SS office to get it straightened out. Ok...
Perry was finally able to come back & get me so we could go back home & get ready to head out again. I hurried & fed Livia, then set out on our next set of adventures. 1st stop, the SS office. Amazingly, it didn't take long and I got everything ok'd with no trouble at all. Next, it was on to the north side to get my tire replaced. My dad had called around and found a used tire that would work great for $30 - I'm thinking "Great!" But not really...
I dropped by the tire place & was told there was a bit of a wait & that I should just come back in a couple of hours. So I grabbed a quick bite to eat and then just sat in a parking lot while Livia napped. I tried to get a little one in myself, but the phone didn't want to stay quiet at all. So after about an hour & a half, I went ahead back to the tire place to see if they were ready for me yet. What good luck - they were! I sat waiting, thinking how lucky I was...until the gal came back out and said that the rest of my tires needed to be replaced as well...and something else needed replaced & alligned. The worst was when she said that she "couldn't let me leave with my car in the condition it's in." I was trying not to tear up while I called hubby, and he came to my rescue! What ticked him off was that they were trying to pressure me & convince me that I needed things I didn't, and that I had to have them done then & there. Gals, don't let this happen to you like it almost did me!
So we're finally headed back home. Mind you, I hadn't been there more than a half-hour since 9 something that morning & it was now after 4! I walked inside...and there was a huge box in the kitchen as a b-day present from hubby - it was a table! I'd been wanting one for SO long! It's bar height w/4chairs, a beautiful dark brown color - I love it :-) Perry's already got a good start on putting it all together.
We were supposed to meet my parents & sis at Nick's Pizza & Wings at 5:30... unfortunately After not being home more than and hour & a half all day, I ran late (not surprising if you know me!) We got there about 5:45 and I had an extra surprise - Laura Belle brought a "date". Our friend Jonathan who was over in Iraq for more than a year! He's been back for a couple of months, but I hadn't gotten to see him yet. It was wonderful to see him in person & tell him that I'm glad he's back here safe & sound. I also got some wonderful presents from my sis & Mom and Dad - lots of shirts and my very 1st Vera Bradley purse! How exciting!
We had already ordered, but after an hour our pizzas STILL hadn't arrived! I could just see hubby's temperature rising by the minute! We did eventually get everything we ordered, but it's proabbly a very good thing that they didn't charge us for any of the meal. Mom & Dad still left a very generous tip.

Ok, I can see that this is kinda turning into a journal-ish type thing...I think I might need some help on the blogging concept! I'd welcome any advice!

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