Saturday, May 22, 2010

Update 2:

(Things that have happened just since my last 'real' post, on Livia's 3rd Birthday)

♥ We went back to Indiana to celebrate our little girl's Birthday there ♥

• Livia had a Birthday Party at Gatti-Town with her Aunt Kee-Kee, Uncle Matt, Maggie, Nolan, & Garrett; and her Grandpa & Grandpa Fultz

Livie's pretty Birthday Cake

Some of my most favorite people in the whole wide world!

Liv getting ready to blow out her candles

Giving sweet Maggie some BIG lovin's!

And opening all her fabulous presents

FYI:  Her Aunt Kee-Kee & Uncle Matt absolutely spoilt her rotten!!!

The kids had tons of fun with rides & games

But all too soon, it was time to get ready to go...
The girls didn't even want to let go of each others' hands!

I feel so blessed that we've been able to spend the time that we have with our families -- in some ways, it's never enough... Not enough girls' nights, not enough play-dates, and not enough double-dates. But we're going to keep trying! And I'm still hoping to see my nephews play in at least one of their baseball games. 

• Livia had another Birthday Party at her Nana & Papaw's house. Almost everyone on her Mommy's side of the family (and friends!) came... And they spoiled her rotten too!

Since this party was at her Nana & Papaw's house, we thought a farm-themed cake would be perfect. And I've never seen a cuter, happier little cow!
Isn't The Donut Bank amazing?!

Liv had just woken up from a little cat-nap in this photo... So sweet & sleepy!

It wasn't long before she was wide awake & ready to blow out the candles

I was tickled pink that the triplets were there...
And they were even more tickled to see their Uncle Don
(the moment he arrived, they totally swarmed him!)

Before long, it was time for presents

LOVE this one! She's literally inside the bag ~ haha!

And she's learning the love of shoes very early in life (that's my girl!)

I was so happy to have all our family & friends there!

↑ My 'Bestie' and her little ones ↓

Then we all went outside to see the baby kittens:

And even though I had to be talked into this pic, it turned out being one of my favorites:

Especially since this one was taken right after:
♥ So sweet ♥

So, those were Liv's Birthday Parties in a very small nutshell ☺

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