Monday, May 24, 2010

Still Behind ~ And Falling Even Further!

After taking a glance back on the last few posts of catch-up, I realized that my updates only took me to the very first Saturday in May... And here we are in the last full week of the month! There is still so much that I left out from the time frame that I did post about, and don't even get me started on all that has already happened since.

Do I ever have a prayer of completely catching up?! If I'll just remember to post something on a fairly regular basis, that shouldn't be a problem. But just in case I do, here are just a few things that I really hope to write about & show off pictures from:

• Our Church being blessed with a wonderful new Pastor
• Our Family Reunion
• A visit with Marie
• Baby Day at Church
• Mother's Day
• Baby showers
• New bow hangers for Liv's room
• Liv's yearly check-up
• Livia's 1st hair-cut by her Aunt Laura
• Our Church's Community Summer Kick-Off
• And more!

Well, at least now that I've made a mentel -- and an actual -- list, I think I have a better chance at remembering to write about it all. ☺

All my ♥ !

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