Saturday, May 22, 2010

Update 1:

(Things I should have put up before my last actual update!)

♥ Lots of Indiana Fun ♥

• Olivia's 2nd Birthday Party ~ We had tons of fun at this sweet little girl's b-day party ☺ Here are just a few awesome pics:

'No O' hugging (not trying to choke, I promise) on 'Miss O'

On of my favorite pics from Olivia's Patriotic Party

Liv helping Olivia try out some of her new toys

A great photo of Livia with her Papaw & Nana

And the Birthday Girl getting ready to blow out her candles with Mommy

• Easter:  I completely didn't post ANYTHING about that wonderfully fun day! And may I just say:  Praise God for Easter!!!

Liv's Nana & Papaw surprised her with a wonderful Easter Treat Basket including:  Shoes, socks, candy, & more!

We all went to Church together that morning, and Liv wore her new Easter Dress:
SO cute!

Then we went back to my Mom & Dad's for their family-famous Easter Egg Hunt:

And we found more than just eggs:
Baby kittens!

My Dad had actually found them earlier, but he let me think that I had ~ that's one thing I LOVE about my daddy! He still lets me feel like a little girl whenever he can ♥

Liv & Meggie had SUCH a fun time with the kittens

And they had a wonderful time together too:

I felt really blessed to have my hubby there too (as did Liv of course)
"All Daddies love their little girls!"

• Our 1st and 2nd trips to the St. Louis Zoo ~ The first time we all went on one of the 1st Saturdays in April [BIG mistake! Everyone & their brother was there!!!]; the second time was just me & Liv. Here are some pics from the first trip:

Liv & her Daddy

Liv & her Mommy

Liv playing in the water fountain

And Liv with the beautiful tulips just outside the zoo

We would have had a much more enjoyable time there if it wouldn't have taken over an hour just to get from the main highway exit into the zoo! 

The next time I took Liv (just me & her) it was a beautiful, sunny Wednesday in the middle of the month of April. And here are some pics from that:

Just before we entered the zoo

Livie ~ all smiles, loving all the animals there

With a very friendly goat in the Children's Zoo

And playing there too

Liv just loved the train!

SO glad that we went ahead and splurged on the Safari Passes that allowed for unlimited train rides all day, entrance to the Children's Zoo, unlimited carousal rides, & more

One of the 2 of us on the train

And Liv happy-as-a-clam on the carousel 

And finally one just before we left.

• And my sister has begun a new career in Cosmetology! Laura Belle is going to school at TSPA (The Salon Professional Academy), and she's doing absolutely fantastic. She colored & trimmed my hair, and may I just say, it looks absolutely fabulous!

And I think that catches me up (for the most part) up to Livia's 3rd Birthday ☺

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