Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear Facebook:

You are QUITE the time-suck!

Every time I get on you, you take up a ridiculous amount of my time!

I would delete my account with you... Except that I love keeping up with everyone & everything on there.

And not to mention that you've made it even easier to do with my phone:
• Getting updates via text message
• Getting messages & links directly to Facebook
• Sending status-updates & photos as simply as a text message
• And direct Internet access through the phone

Facebook, I'm blaming you (in part) for not keeping up on my blog the way I should. It's way too easy to 'just update my status' on Facebook... On the surface, writing a nice, thoughtful post with pics and/or videos in blog-world just seems to be too time-consuming. It takes mere moments to post a status-update; but then I can spend WAY too much time doing other things on Facebook!

I'm hoping I will soon bore & tire of your addictiveness. Or at least not loose track of my time on you.

Now I have that little rant out of my system...

Back to the real world! Stay tuned for some much needed, Livie & life updates & pictures ☺

All my ♥ !

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