Sunday, January 31, 2010

Out to Eat in St. Louis

Tonight our little family went out to eat for the first time here in St. Louis. It was great!

We headed out early in the evening with no exact plan of where we were going. We drove for several miles just seeing what all is in the area, and discussing where it is we should go. We finally decided upon The Macaroni Grill!

Livia & her Mommy just before our meal arrived

I had no clue what kind of food they had there, but was soon VERY pleased to find out... That it's an Italian restaurant! Very classy atmosphere, delicious food & drinks, and great service. I was quite glad that I'd actually spent a little time on my hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Perry just loved the sweater dress! (Thank you Laura Belle for talking me into all those cute clothes!!!)

Another one of Liv & Me

The only thing that didn't seem to belong at this super-nice restaurant was our ornery little daughter... She did not want to stay seated, she sang & talked SO loudly that we had other tables standing up to look our direction, and let's not even talk about the screaming!

Ugh, it's nights like this that I can't wait to find some good babysitters here in Missouri! My husband & I have obviously realized that such a nice restaurant should be reserved for the two of us. At least until we get out of these terrible-two's!

That little stinker looks SO innocent in this photo!
I promise, she was all but a little terror.

The food was amazing, though I wish we could have enjoyed it just a little more! I think we know why Livia was acting up even more than usual. She didn't get a nap until very late in the afternoon, and I didn't want her to sleep more than an hour by the time she actually went down. Our daughter must have been quite sleepy, hence the misbehaving...

One piece of great news for the night, Liv is doing GREAT with potty-training! I told her that once we moved to St. Louis, she would have to start going in the big girl potty all the time. Looks like it's working for the most part!

Perry with Livia just before we finally left

I was just praying that she wouldn't have an accident while we were out -- I completely forgot to bring along any extra pull-ups! Lucky for me, she did great! I took Livie to the restroom twice while we were there at The Macaroni Grill, and she was still dry when we arrived back home.

One last thing about the evening: When Livia got in trouble, I was the one who had to discipline her. Perry just can't do it! Guess who has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger?

She's such a Daddy's girl...!

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