Friday, January 29, 2010

Safe in St. Louis

So, we made it here to St. Louis safe & sound...


I know this is all a part of His divine plan.

I just pray that we will continue to walk in His light, and that God's Will be done in our lives in ALL ways!

Thank you God for all that you do for me and my family.

Sometimes I may not know everything anything behind God's direction for me & my family.

Praise God, that in HIS infinite wisdom, he designed me so that I don't have to know or even understand the Lord's Leading.

All I have to do is trust Him.

And trust I do!

I've learned lean not upon my own understanding, but upon the path that God leads me & my family.

~ Praise God ~

So, that said...

I am VERY much enjoying my very first night in St. Louis!

As soon as we made it safely into town, Liv and I went to my husband's work & met some of his co-workers. I am so happy for my husband in his new job, and I already love his co-workers & bosses! It was a real treat to get to see him as soon as we got into town.

After we left Perry's work, Livia was cryin' the hungry-kiddo blues. So we got Liv some McDonalds; which meant she was extra-good while we picked up a few groceries.

Then we arrived at the corporate apartment that Perry's company has us in. It is really nice! Plenty of living space, fully furnished, and tons of hiding places for Liv. (She just loves to play hide & seek!)

Unbelievably, we even had our munchkin in bed before Perry's home-made pizza was done.

(Oh, how I LOVE my husband's home-made pizza!)

And now, here I am relaxing with the Love of my life.

Just watching a movie.

Such a fabulous day!

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