Monday, August 4, 2008

A Quick Thanks...

Thank you! To all of you for your wonderful comments about the sunflower pics! I especially want to thank Elise & Hannah - they both mentioned something about the special memories those photos would hold for years to come, and it made me realize that I forgot to write about why I chose what I did for Liv...

I have below a couple of not-so-greats of Liv, but you can see her outfit & accessories pretty well...Not too happy... but you should see the pre-photoshopped version! Yes, you can actually slightly change peoples' expressions with some of the tools in photoshop. (Wanna see the original version? Click over to my Photo Edit Magic blog! I have the whole scoop over there.)

Anyway, Livia's little Sunflower dress actually came from Megan - my cousin. (One of the triplets - Click here for Tanya's blog) Meggie is now nearly 4, but when she was a little bitty thing, she did have that dress.

Unfortunately, Meg never got to wear it. It never actually fit her in the right season... Which made it even more special that Liv is able to wear it now! And here's the kicker on that sweet little dress: My Mom was the one who got it for Meg!

The sun is just too bright for Livia in this picture!

But you can see her sweet little bracelet & necklace, right? Well, it should come as no surprise that the bracelet was made by the super tallented Tanya. Laura Belle had her make it for Livie's 1st birthday - and got me one to match as well!

And the necklace? Well, that's a pretty special story as well...

My Uncle Von (Tanya's husband) gave the chain to me as a gift when I was just a baby. And every year for my birthday, he would add one pearl to it. I always loved that necklace as a little girl. I only wore it on very special occasions, and I knew that it was a wonderful keepsake even then. And now it's even more so.

Thank you so much again, for reminding me to jot down these wonderful memories! There are so many memories & stories I want Livia to know, but in case I ever forget, they'll forever be saved here.


Amanda said...

Liv's dress and accessories are adorable. She is a lucky girl. It's a touching idea adding a pearl to your necklace ever year. Makes it all the more special. Thanks for all your tips over on your photoblog.

Hannah said...

Livia looks adorable! I love her dress and little bracelet! Those memories are wonderful, and I'm sure they will last a lifetime...


dani said...

amanda, those added things do make your sunflower story all the more special. i got an add-a-bead necklace back in the 80's. it had/has gold beads it was/is very special.
livia looks just darling:)

E and T said...

Hi Amanda

I loved reading the sentimental stories behind Livia's dress and accessories. These photos are all the more special because of this.

Blogging really is a beautiful way to record, share and preserve such treasured moments and memories.

I hope you and Livia are having a day filled with everything "beauty full".

Lots of love to you my dear friend