Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Pics from the Splash Park

This is a continuation of the few pictures that I posted up yesterday of Liv and Sebastian's day at the Splash Park - there's a LOT of pictures, I know. But I can't help it - I'm obsessed! Actually, there were just so many good ones it was hard to weed them out.

Before I continue, I just want to know why Evansville doesn't have one of these! Seriously, they're amazing! Apparently, Boonville, Princeton, Petersburg, and Henderson all have Splash Parks - why not Evansville?

Oh, well. It's not that long of a drive to get to Boonville, and the kids definitely had a blast...! Oh! And they both had 50spf sunscreen on - as did I :o) No sunburns on this day, thank you very much.

Sebastian ran right in as soon as we got there

Livia was just a bit timid at first...
But it didn't take her long at all to warm up to the Splash Park!

I love this little look she gave me! I could tell exactly what she was thinking: Wow!! I Like!!

Sebastian was such a blast - a very photogenic & fun kid

And Liv was just a hoot!

I loved watching her discover all the new things in the Splash Park.

And then she saw something else...

A little boy right at her age!

OK, lil Miss Flirt - let's see what else there is here!
(Kidding - I think all she cared about was that this was somebody her size!)

We headed over to the Lake & see what else the park had in store for us.

Sebastian made sure Livie didn't get anywhere near the edge of the lake

And I told him I didn't know what I'd do there without him!

I still can't get over how similar those two looked! I suppose it's the blonde hair & blue eyes...

A shot similar to the one I had up yesterday, but it's just so good I couldn't resist again!

And Liv loved the flowers - I couldn't get any of her smelling them, but it was so cute!

And she found one on the ground... I hope it wasn't part of what the park had planted!

By this time, we were all getting quite toasty again, so we headed back for the water...
And it was back into the splash park to cool down!

And for more fun!

Wait... I wonder what she's looking at now?

"Another friend! I love people my size!"
At least that's what I hope she was thinking ;o)

"Wait... Where'd he go?"
This one was quite busy - almost even more so than you!

But don't worry - he came back...
With a kiss!

I didn't do a great job of capturing it in this photo, but they gave each other a kiss - and it was SO cute! I'm gonna have to lock her up at this rate though - Kidding!

After her little friend left, Liv had some fun playing in the mist.

And 'Bastian had some fun getting some goofy shots! (Although they actually turned out quite good)

Then he & Liv went off to the side for some fun of their own...
Livia thought Sebastian was hilarious!

She loved dancing with him as they both sang
(Yes, Livie already loves to sing & dance!)

After all the singing, dancing, splashing, and exploring, these two were getting pretty hungry. So we took a break & went to McDonalds.

Can you tell that Livia's not a huge fan of sitting still?

Sebastian chowed down on his ice cream cone (his special treat)

While Liv learned to drink out of a juice box!

She was so cute - and drank the whole thing!
I even ended up getting her another since she did such a good job with the first.

And Sebastian had lots of fun with his action figures

Oh! I almost forgot - when we got our meals, Livia discovered that she loves McDonald's chicken nuggets & fries - no surprise there, huh?

Then it was back to the Splash Park!

As soon as we got back to the splash park, Livia went right in!
She went straight for these little guys that squirted right at her size.

She just loves the water!

Liv also started to figure out how that water was coming out...

And tried to get it to stop...

With very little success! (Much to her delight!)

Within minutes of our arrival back, she was soakin' wet!

Then (miraculously) I decided to put away the camera for a bit, and just have fun with the kids. I figured that getting a little wet in the splash park wouldn't be that big'a deal, seeing as I was thoroughly soaked with sweat at this point anyway!

But finally, it was time to get going...

I changed Liv into a little dress I had packed as a spare, and we spent just a little time on the playground to dry out & for some last-minute fun for the kids.

Livia just LOVED swinging!

Really, though - what kid doesn't! With the wind in your hair, and the breeze between your toes... it just feels like you're flying! At least that's what I like to think :o)


dani said...

amanda, you and livia do the most fun things!!! i thought evansville had a splash park downtown??? i cannot believe you had to drive all the way to boonville:? ours is nice but not nearly as fun looking as this one, and i don't like the fact that it is so close to the street...
your photos are great:D

Tabitha said...

Great photos ~ I wish that we had a splash park near here ~ I don't know of anything like this over here in the UK!!
love and hugs XXXXX

Amanda said...

Like Tabitha, i wish we had something like that over here, but i suppose we don't get enough hot days!
You pictures capture the fun the kids had!

E and T said...

Hi Amanda

What a fun filled day. it looks like Livia, Sebastian and you had an absolute ball. I love Livia's gorgeous swimsuit - sooooo cute. She sure had the boys captivated, how could she not with that gorgeous face of hers. She is adorable.

Lots of love and hugs

Hannah said...

Cute!! I love Livia's dress, and her swim suit! I used to have one similar to it when I was about her age, too (I think :])! Very precious pictures, Amanda! They look like they're having a great time :D


Lucy said...

Hi Amanda,
All those photos are just beautiful. Little Livia is growing so quickly and even picking up boys, my my!! You will be fighting off all the attention she will be getting when she is a teenager with her stunning looks. I just love her swim suit. She looks so cute in it. I bet she slept well that night.
Love and hugs.

Paulette said...

hi amanda!

those pictures are really great! your kids are really cute specially livia! boys are going to go after her for sure! ;) i would want to do the same thing if i already have kids.. those pictures are worth a thousand memories that you can share to them when they grow up! god bless always!

- paulette

Jamy said...

Hey! I came across your blog from a comment you left on 'Antique Mommy'. I love all the pictures. You're kids are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! I think the first two are my fav's.