Sunday, January 30, 2011

January Memories in Indiana

Last weekend was certainly a snowy one,
but that didn't stop me & Liv from traveling
over to Indiana for a couple of days!

Sunday after Church, I promised Liv that we would
take her out & play in the snow after lunch. She had
such a blast! Especially riding around on the sled
pulled by her Papaw's lawn mower/tractor (with Mommy)

Getting ready to get on the sled
And her Papaw looking back to make sure she was sitting 

After the 1st go-round, we took a little break. Liv 
wantedto look into the cistern with Papaw 
(to make sure the waterwas still full enough)
 And Jax came over to see what was going on too...
OK, technically not see (since he seriously runs into trees)
but definitely wanted to be right there with Liv

Then Livia made us a couple of snow angels

And then she ran over to the swing set
I promise this child could swing & slide in any weather!
Normally the 'Mom' in me would say, "NO! It's way too
cold for that kind of nonsense!!!" But we were bundled 
up already, and I ended up getting a pretty awesome pic
from her fun... And seeing that she didn't get sick or anything,
I can definitely say it was worth it!

 [ more sliding ]
 [ and more sliding still ]
 Then her Papaw came along & made things even more fun
 giving a gentle shove down the slide to really make her 'fly'

and pushing Livie in the swing

After all the fun on the swing set, Liv decided it was time
for another round sledding with Papaw & Mommy

Oh... And guess what else my daughter likes to do at 
her Nana & Papaws. She LOVES to help vacuum!
I think I can say without prejudice that this is a 3 year 
old that most anyone would LOVE to have around :)

So these were just a few of the fun times that we 
had in Indiana during the month of January :)

(more beautiful memories to come soon)

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