Sunday, January 30, 2011

December / Christmas 2010

Just a few of my favorite pictures from the month of December...

Early December:
Liv getting ready to go play in the snow
And finally getting to make her snow angel -- All by herself!!! 
(Mommy was quite impressed)

Mid December:
Liv 'helping' her Daddy put the star upon our tree
And in front of the decorated tree just before bedtime
Livia & her Daddy playing, being silly, and having a ball

Christmas Time:
Livia & her class for her Preschool's Christmas Program
And Liv just after the program all smiles
She did a really great job!!!

She and all the kids there received a pillow-pet from
the incredibly generous benefactor for the preschool
I feel so blessed to have personally met him!

'Christmas' morning at the Fultz household:
Though technically it was Christmas Eve, Liv
didn't seem to notice or mind! She got so many
presents, and we had so much fun watching her
open each one with excitement!

Just after all the presents were opened, we packed up
and got ready to leave for Indiana (and we were lucky
enough to get a couple of quick pictures beforehand)

As soon as we arrived in Indiana, Livia excitedly helped
Nana decorate the Christmas tree! Though several branches
had 3 or more ornaments upon them, Liv had a blast 
helping her Nana get ready for Christmas!

~ Christmas Morning at Nana & Papaw's ~
Livia was so excited to open all the presents -- but first we all
enjoyed a huge Christmas breakfast from my Mom & Dad
Afterwards we all opened presents...

And then we went to do Christmas with my Mom's side
of the family (below:  Laura & her Mini-Me, Meg)

And after lunch & presents with Mom's family, we
headed over to my husband's parents... Though
Christmas over there definitely did not at all go
as planned, I did manage to get a really cute pic
Liv with her cousins (Love them SO much!!!!)

The Day After Christmas ~ aka Laura's Birthday!
Liv posed for a few quick shots in the snow. I had
to get a few pictures to show that we really did have
a white Christmas :)
And then Jax came along to provide for even more cuteness!

Happy Birthday, Laura Belle!
Livia helped her Aunt Laura open her presents...
And blow out the candles!

And that was the end of our Christmas weekend in Indiana!

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