Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recent Updates:

I am officially un-grounding myself from the Internet!!! Since my last actual update, I'm not even sure where to begin with our life-changes -- much less what's been going on with everyone else! Well, at least this is a start:
  • Liv has already been to 2 birthday parties & will be going to another next Saturday. 
  • My Gramma Pat got married, which in & of itself was awesome -- and I got see lots of my family that I haven't in FOREVER (also awesome!) 
  • My Nephew (Garrett) Sis (K~), Brother (Matt), and Niece (Maggie) have ALL had birthdays!!! But I hate that I haven 't gotten to see them since their special days... I miss them so much. And I seriously cannot wait to get their Birthday presents over to them!
  • My husband has been now out of town on business 3 times this year. Unfortunately, it has been tradition that whenever he goes out of town, Liv & I will get snow here in Missouri. 
    • The most recent duration that he was out of town:   Last week & the week before (7-8 days)
    • And since it was so close to Spring, I figured this would be the 1st time since 2010 that I wouldn't have to worry about the snow... 
    • I was WRONG! It snowed about 3 inches last Sunday night/Monday morning. Seriously! I could NOT believe it...! March 14 -- less than a week away from the official start of Spring, and I was shoveling snow yet again.
  • We finally got moved into our new house! (about 99% anyway ~ still just a few loose ends to tie up & bring over here, but not much!)

My amazing husband did SO much of the moving all by himself. I helped with just a few of the big items & some packing/unpacking.

Liv was pretty good for the most part during this long weekend... Unfortunately, she did get to bed extremely late a couple of days & that caused a bit of a meltdown today. Bless her heart she was so tired!

After she [finally] got a nap, she was back to normal ~ very happy, energetic, & agreeable. We took advantage of this BEAUTIFUL afternoon & went to a nearby park:

 These last several weeks have been ridiculously long/hard, but it definitely feels worth it all now :)

And now I'll be looking forward to catching up with my e-mail & even Facebook this week... I'm sure I've missed out on a lot these last several weeks. But at least I've kept up with real-life! All the essentials are unpacked at the new house, laundry is almost completely caught up

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