Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm Back - Hopefully for Good!


I'm back - hopefully for good - in blog world! I first want to thank Lucy & Dani for finding me among other networks and checking on me. Just for the record, nothing bad at all has happened. I just became very busy with my family, life, and even work. I do regret not posting anything about Livia in nearly a year... How she's changed and grown! I certainly want to remember & document all the wonderful memories and happenings of my daughter. I think Flashback Fridays will have a new meaning for me!

Anyway, for the last several months I've found that it was just impossible for me to get on the internet (sometimes even for weeks or months - yikes!) All in all though, it was more important for me to concentrate on our family - especially our hopes, dreams and goals. As of right now, I'm working full-time as a temp. It's really helping us to make leaps & bounds in our goal of someday moving out to the country! It looks like that it may be possible even within a couple of years to do so.

It seems that I've finally managed to get a grasp on everything, and I'm really hoping to be able to keep up on this blog again. Hey, maybe if things go really well I can even get back to my photography blog as well! (Fingers crossed, huh?)

Enough typing - let's get to the good stuff... I should certainly put some current pictures of my sweet daughter, right?

Here's some of my little girl within the last couple of months...

In her watermelon tank-top playing in our backyard

She's changed SO much from a year ago!!! It would be absolutely impossible to list all the ways here and now, but over the next several weeks, I certainly hope to try to catch up a little.

Of course, some things DON'T change (thankfully!)

Livia still LOVES splash parks...

Well, she actually loves water of any kind! (In Nana & Papaw's Pool & in the bathtub)

And Liv still adores the farm.

Livia loves everything about the country, which is a huge reason we can't wait to move out of the city! I know God has a plan, and we sure hope that His plan includes moving within the next couple of years.

These are just a few of my very favorites as of lately...

Outside on the deck at my Mom & Dad's (Livie's Nana & Papaw)

In front of our house in my favorite summer outfit from her Aunt Bay...

And finally, one of Me & Livia...

I love my daughter SO SO SO much!!!

And I love that I'm back to doing something I truly enjoy and cherish. What good is having something this wonderful unless you can share it with others?

I hope to be around to everyone's blog to catch up and visit very, very soon. Until then, Take care and God Bless

All my love...!


The Farm House Kids said...

Welcome Home Chickie!

Amanda said...

It's so nice to see you back and hear that you are all well. Your cute baby has turned into a beautiful little girl!

Amanda x

Lucy said...

Hi Amanda,
So fantastic to see you back and a big welcome and hello.
As I would have guessed, that gorgeous girl of yours has grown even more beautiful if that is possible. She is just too pretty.
I am glad that Olivia loves all things country because she will be so happy when your dreams are fully realized.
Love and Hugs XXXXOOOO

dani said...

i'm thrilled you are back with us. livia is beautiful just like her mama, and, wow, has she ever grown!!!
i cannot wait to read more:)
much love,
dani xxx