Monday, December 14, 2009

Livia's Visit with Santa

This past weekend, my husband and I took the time to take Liv for a much needed trip to the mall -- for a visit with Santa!

Livia has been talking about Santa almost non-stop, and she's been so excited to see him. So we dressed her up in her "Santa outfit" (that in & of itself made Liv squeel with delight!), and it was off to the mall...

Livia got just a touch of stage fright when she first met Santa -- she was so mesmerized with him that I think she was speechless! Santa asked Liv what she wanted for Christmas, and she happily replied, "Presents!" (I think that's one wish Santa will be able to fulfill)

It was such a great experience for Livia! She's talked non-stop about Santa ever since her visit. And the memories & photos we got from that day are absolutely priceless. We did get a 5x7 & 4 wallet pictures from them, but thankfully they also let me take several! A couple of my favorites:

Liv & Santa

I just love Christmas-Time!

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